king abdullah is dead

king abdullah is dead.

A person Pakistan seeing lots of Divine Dreams from his Childhood up till now

His name is

‘Muhammad Qasim Ibn Abdul Kareem’

His Dreams needs interpretation, i tried to solve that out.

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Imam Mahdi is coming 2020-28

Imam Mahdi is coming 2020-28 (The khalifa of 21st century to rule the world)

Everyone is asking for Imam Mahdi. K

The Circumstances aren’t that good, everywhere bloodshed & tyranny has Prevailed, and people has lost their mind cause of the trials of the Antichrist (dajjal) around us.

Many of us don’t know about the signs of the hour or the signs of the coming of imam Mahdi.

Actually I am reading this stuff for five years almost, I analysed the hadith & the fulfilment of the signs & the connection among them with the present condition.

I know many of us muslim on earth are crying for judgement what they’ve lost.

The people of Palestine, Ghaza, Iraq, Iran, etc. And many parts of the world in which mass of muslim’s has been slain, In India also.

They’re waiting their messiah to come and redeem them again like it was before in the time of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W), me also waiting. J

Probably I am not pretty sure about the calculation of the events happening for the emergence of Imam Mahdi, because Allah (S.W.T) knows best.

But I tried to merge all the stuff with the condition we’re passing through and what I’ve found around the Google search. J

Just have an eye and analyse yourself if I am right or wrong, because neither I am a scholar or nor a Ulema or Muhaddith, I just researched the stuff.

Note- All the hadiths are copied from different website and blogs, mainly many of them from “sunniforum” “islamicidentity” “discoveryingislam” “pakistanislam” “ummah” and “eshaikh”  & other sites.

Many of us know the signs of the coming of Imam mahdi, now I am just clarifying the Main concept.

As we know many believes in the Quran more than the Hadiths, that’s why many people rejects the hadith whether they’re not sure about that the hadith is right in its ‘sahih’ or wrong, me also don’t know.

‘It is said that,

“The People will claim to follow the Quran but will reject the Hadiths and Sunnah”(Abu Dawood).

It’s necessary to know the age or the life span of this Ummah, because each prophet & their Ummah has specific life span, then it will be easy to carry the further information and to calculate other facts.

Greatly our Prophet “Mohammad”(S.A.W) told about the life span of this Ummah.

Now further, eventually we know we’re living in the Islamic year 1434 Hijri, (Islamic calendar) and according to English calendar it is 2014.

Now we see some of the pointing hadiths that how much time it is for the hour to come or the life span of this Ummah.

  • “The life span of this community will exceed 1000 years, yet be limited to 1500 years” (Al-barzanji, Al-ishaiah li-ashrat Al-sa’ah, P-299).
  • “The life of my community will not exceed 1500 years”

(As-suyuti, Al-hawi lil-fatawi-2/248, Tafsir Ruh-ul-bayan, Burusawi-4/262, Ahmad ibn hambal, Kitab Al-ilal-89).

So now we came to know the age of our community is 1500 years according the hadith and now we’re living in 1434 Hijri, so there are 66 year remain for the hour.

So the question is when will be the emergence of Imam Mahdi ?

Eventually, there are many signs and hadiths that describe exact era for the emergence of Mahdi.

There is a news from Syedina Ghaus-e-Azam Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (rehmatullah alaih)

  • ‘Syedina Ghaus-e-Azam Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (rehmatullah alaih) says, That “Imam Mahdi will born in 1400 Hijrah”.

(Book- Tazkira Anwar-e-Sabri, 3rd edition, Page-143, ii-ii, Haqeeqat-e-Gulzar-e-sabri).

So here 1400 Hijrah means (1980-1981) according the calculation with English calendar.

Explanation- According to this saying of Ghaus-e-Azam (R.A), Imam Mahdi is 33 or 34 years old up till now, it means The Imam Mahdi may appear in Baitullah (Khana-e-kaaba) in the year 2020-21, as the prophet (S.A.W) told that the Imam Mahdi will appear in the age of 40 year.

There is a hadith to our knowledge mentioning the age of “Al-Mahdi” but only a single saying of our lieglord ‘Ali’(r.a) saying “He will be come out between 30 and 40 (the narrator was not sure what exactly he has said) but it is pretty enough to understand and clarify the concept.

Explanation- so according to this calculation only 6 or 7 years remain for the emergence of Imam Mahdi.

                   The sound of scream in the middle of Ramadhan


Now we know that how it is possible that after 6 or 7 year later Imam Mahdi will emerge expectedly.

Here we go to the point that there is hadith regarding the sound of scream in the middle of the ramadhan.

  • Shahr ibn Hawshab said that the messenger of Allah stated, “there will be a sound in (the Hijri Islamic month of ramdhan), a mahamaha (murmuring) in the (hijri Islamic month of shawwal), and war among tribes (peoples) in the Hijri Islamic month of zul-Qidaah and its sign that pilgrim will be robbed (looted) there will be a war with many people killed & blood will be shed in mina (near mecca) such that their blood flows on the jamra. (stone of satan at which pilgrims throw stones)

(Abu amru uthman bin saeed ad dani’s kitab Al-sunan al-waredah fi Al-fitan)

There are many narrations regarding the Scream in the middle of ramadhan, I just put of one.

There is another hadith which connects with the Mahdi’s emergence.

  • As Abu saeed al-khudri has reported that the messenger of Allah said, “He (Mahdi) will sent at a time of intense disputes and differences among people and disasters”. (Ahmad)

It clearly states that after the scream in the ramadhan Imam Mahdi will emerge because both hadith tells about the disputes and war and in first reference it also tells about the war after the month of ramadhan, it means Imam Mahdi will emerge after the ramadhan.

Note- I checked out this hadith prophecy over the internet and I found that peoples are saying that it happens many times in the previous year but i analyse that are only roomers and nothing else because this is the exact time of emergence as the hadith saying according to my calculation, I checked out the calendar for “2020” there I’ve found that the month of ramadhan for 2020

It Imam Mahdi will emerge in Mecca. (it Doesn’t mean that he will take birth in Mecca)

He will be from Khurasan (Khurasan is a Big Piece of Land in the East)

See this Video :

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Commentry By Eminent Scholar “Israr Ahmed”

Is on 24th April which begins on Friday and there is Friday on the 15th day of Ramdhan what the hadith describes.

  • Abdullah ibn masud (r.a) said that the prophet (S.A.W) said, “when there is a “SAYHA” (Scream) in ramadhan then there will be turmoil in shawwal, and the tribes will form groups in dhul-Qidaa, and blood will be spilled in dhul-hijjah, and in Al-Muharram! What is prohibited?” saying it three times, “oh oh! The people will be killed in a great massacres” he said, “we said” what is the SAYHA (scream) o messenger of Allah?, “he said”, “this will be in the middle of ramadhan, on a Friday morning, that will be when the month of ramadhan begins on a Friday night, there will be a HADDA (powerful hammering sound)

That will awaken who is asleep, and bring the young woman out of their rooms, on a Friday night during a month of many earthquakes (and very cold)

Note – (The coldness might happen due to the heavy rain because generally there does not fall cold in the month of April)

Then when you have prayed for fajr on Friday in the middle of ramadhan then enter your houses, close your doors, block your windows, cover yourself and block your ears, when you sense the scream, fall down in prostration to Allah and say (Subhanal Qudus, Subhanal Qudus, wa rabbunal-Qudus) “glory be to the most holy”, “glory be to the most holy”, “our lord is the most holy”. “For whomever does that will survive, and whoever does not will perish”

(Nuaim bin Hammad’s kitab al-fitan, hadith)

So it is declare that the calculation is correct, if you checked the calendar for 2020 thoroughly. Now further facts that connect with the emergence of Imam Mahdi, which are truly going to happen in the next few years.

The hadith I mentioned before also tells that after the scream, what going to happen?? ….. In the next month alike ‘there is a scream in ramadhan, and next will be turmoil in shawwal, war among tribes in dhul-Qidaah & blood will be spilled in dhul- hijjah.

Okay be ready for the scream! A really big scream!!!!!MN

So every sign follow each other, I think it won’t stop at all and won’t take much time to fulfil other prophecies. Like

The death of king Abdullah

It is said that

  • From Abi baser who heard from Imam Sadiq (r.a) that “whomever guarantees for me ‘the death of king Abdullah, I will guarantee for him the Qaim (Imam Mahdi)

When Abdullah dies, then people will not gather/agree on anyone after him, and this matter will not except for your companion (Imam Mahdi)

And the kingdom of years will be over, and it will become the kingdom of months and days” so I asked, will that be prolonged? , he said, “no”.

Explanation- when king Abdullah will die, there will be great turmoil in Arab people for who will succeed the kingdom? , and that will be time of great chaos. But there is another strange thing about king Abdullah and couple of question?

Will he die natural death? any other reason? , If there will be another reason of his death so what that reason will be that he will get die.

This is the picture of king Abdullah-

                     Current position of king Abdullah

It is said by a Saudi journalist that (Monarch) king has been clinically dead but I think he is not because time has not come till 2019-20, but he is 90 years old up till now.

Note- there are many rumours about the death of king Abdullah, These are the links above Check out.

a video link-

                    The reason for king Abdullah’s death

  • Imam Baqir (r.a) said that ‘the reason for his death is that, “he will have intercourse with one of his (male) servants, so he will rise and kill him, and his death will be concealed for 40 days, when the riders go to seek the servant, the first of these who will left will not return until their kingdom is over. (kamalul deen P-655)

Now you can understand what it means to say and it hints that probably king Abdullah might be a ‘gay’ and there is a proof over the internet that king Abdullah has smooched ‘George w. Bush. I think it’s not Islamic tradition to smooch people at least not with a same sex. K

  • From Imam Sadiq (r.a) “while the people are staying in Arafat (for Hajj) a rider on a light and fast camel comes to them, and gives them the news of death of the Khalifa (king), at his death is the faraj (relief) of all the people. (Baharul anwar volume-52, page-240)

Note- rider on a light and fast camel might be a motorcycle expectedly because camel is light weight or fast. (wallahualam)

Explanation- at the death of this khalifa is the relief of the Ahlul-bayt of Muhammad (S.A.W) and all the people what is clear reference to the rise of Imam Mahdi as stated earlier.

Thus, all evidence outspoken that the emergence of Imam Mahdi is in 2020-21

The hadith what I stated before about the bloodshed in dhul-Hijjah is connect with this hadith

See below the photos of king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia â

follow the link for more information-

Gay Saudi Prince, Grandson of King Abdullah, Brutally Murders His Black Sex Slave

I think not only king but his grandson also is successor of his sucking tradition K Check links-


                             The destruction of Kaaba

At the end of time, Dhul-suwayqatayn, who will come from Abyssinia

(Al-Habash) will destroy the kaaba in order to steal its treasure and kiswah        (cloth covering). The Kaaba is the ancient building which was built by prophet Abraham (Ibraheem)(A.S) and whose foundation were laid by prophet Adam. (A.S)

  • Omar ibn Al-khattab reported that he heared the prophet say, “The people of Mecca will leave, and only few people will pass through it. Then it will be resettled and rebuilt, then the people will leave it again, and no one will ever return.”

     Madina will remain inhabited at the time of Dajjal

It has been proven in the sahih hadith, as alredy stated, that the Dajjal will not be able to enter Mecca and Madina, and there will be angels at the gate of Mecca to ward him off and prevent him from entering.

It was reported from Abu Hurrairah that

  • The prophet said, “Neither Dajjal nor Plague will be able to enter Madina.”

Madina will remain inhabited during the days of the Dajjal, and the time of Jesus son of Mary (PBUTH) until he dies and is buried there. Then it will be destroyed.

  • Omar ibn Al-khattab said, “I heard the prophet say, ‘A rider will go around Mecca and say, there used to be many Muslims here.” (Ahmad)

It means that Dhul-suwayqatayn will come after the Jesus son of Mary (PBUH) goes to Allah (SWT)

  • The prophet said, “the hour will not come until there emerges a man Jahjaah (The one who shouts) from Qahtaan (Bani-Qahtaan- a tribe) who will rule the people with a rod of iron. (Muslim)”

Here Jahjaah is the Abyssinian black man (Dhul-Suwayqatayn) It’s clearly says that he will rule the people with a rod of iron and the people will be Non believer because there is hadith which describe about the believers what will happen with them.

  •  An-Nawas ibn Samaan said, that “the prophet (S.A.W) said, “whilst they are like that (in state of goodness) Allah will send a cold wind wich will seize them (The believing men and women) beneath their armpit and will take the soul of every believer and Muslim. There will be left on the earth the most evil of people who will fornicate like donkeys (meaning that people will fornicate in public and not worry about this) until the hour comes upon them.” (Sahih Muslim)

It means there will not be any muslim remain on earth and another hadith clarify that which I mentioned before.

  • Omar ibn Al-khattab said, “I heard the prophet say, ‘A rider (Non-believer) will go around Mecca and say, there used to be many Muslims here.” (Ahmad)

Furthermore, The Quran will be lifted and along with it, all Islamic knowledge. As a result, people will return to worshipping idols, as is stated by the Prophet (S.A.W), “The hour will not come until the buttocks of woman of daws (an Arab tribe) move while going around Dhul-Khalasah, The idol they used to worship during days of ignorance.”

(Sahih Bukhari-2906)  Furthermore!

  • Aaishah (R.A) said that she heard the Prophet (S.A.W) say. That “Night and Day will not cease until Al-Laat and Al-Uzza are worshipped”.

(Sahih Muslim)


PS : These are mere calculations, do not blame me if anything happens before or after the given dates.

          Wait and prepare yourself!


A person Pakistan seeing lots of Divine Dreams from his Childhood up till now

His name is

‘Muhammad Qasim Ibn Abdul Kareem’

His Dreams needs interpretation, i tried to solve that out.

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Written by- Shaban Yusuf (AMU) 

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